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June 22, 2016 Department of Molecular Microbiology Fellowships for 2017 announced. Read more.
March 2016 Dr. Christina Stallings has been awarded the R33 phase of her NIH project titled “Targeting a New Essential Virulence Mechanism in Drug-resistant Mycobacteria”
  Dr. Joe Vogel has been awarded a new NIH R21 titled “Characterization of Legionella type IV secretion signals”.
February 2016 Dr. Scott Hultgren has been awarded a renewal of his NIH R01 titled “Pathogenic Fiber Formation in Bacteria: Structural Basis”.
  Dr. Jennifer Lodge has been awarded a new NIH R01 titled “Preclinical Studies of a Cryptococcus Vaccine for AIDS Patients”.
  Dr. Niraj Tolia, along with Dr. Gautam Dantas (Department of Pathology & Immunology) and Dr. Timothy Wencewiz (Department of Chemistry), has been awarded a new NIH R01 titled “Structural, mechanistic, & evolutionary characterization of tetracycline destructases”.
January 2016 Dr. Efrem Lim has been awarded a project from the St. Louis Zoo titled “Discovery of Novel Lemur Viruses”.
December 9, 2015 Goldberg named Kipnis Distinguished Professor.<a href=""> Read More
November 2015 Dr. Dave Wang will lead a project titled “RNA Phage Mediated Microbiome Engineering” with funding from Grand Challenges Explorations, an initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.