Molecular Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Seminar Series

• Spring 2017 •
Tuesdays — 12:00 p.m.
All seminars in Cori Auditorium
McDonnell Sciences Building

If you wish to meet with the Speaker, please contact the Host.

January 12  

Jean-Paul Latge

  Sweet or bitter polysaccharides in the cell wall of the human opportunistic fungal pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus
  Institut Pasteur  
  Host: David Sibley  
January 24  

Jan Carette

  Hunting host factors critical for viral infection
  Stanford University  
  Host: Michael Diamond  
January 31  

Sallie Permar

  Immune protection against congenital cytomegalovirus: the congenital neuropathogen already in our backyard
  Duke University Medical Center  
  Host: David Hunstad  
February 7  

Rick Fairhurst

  Piperaquine resistance and dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine treatment failure in Cambodia
  National Institutes of Health  
  Host: Audrey Odom  
February 14  

Bruce Klein

  Lung epithelium and control of inhaled fungal pathogens
  University of Wisconsin at Madison  
  Host: Shabaana Khader  
February 21  

Mary O'Riordan

  A mitochondrial sirtuin licenses anti-microbial ROS & host adaptation
  University of Michigan Medical School  
  Host: Jennifer Phillips  

February 28



Pardis Sabeti

  Genomic surveillance of microbial threats
  Harvard University  
  Host: David Wang  
March 7  

Julie Pfeiffer

  How gut microbes enhance enteric virus infectivity
  University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center  
  Host: Michael Diamond  
March 14

Luciano Marraffini - CANCELLED - CANCELLED

  CRISPR-Cas: The adaptive immune system of prokaryotes
  Rockefeller University  
  Student Host: Henry Schreiber  
March 21  

Luciano Marraffini

  CRISPR-Cas: The adaptive immune system of prokaryotes
  Rockefeller University  
  Student Host: Henry Schreiber  
March 28



Eric Rubin

  Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis
  Harvard University  
  Host: Christina Stallings & Jennifer Phillips  
April 4


  Intrinsic host defenses against retroviruses
  Rockefeller University  
  Host: Sebla Kutluay  
April 11  

Kent Hill

  More than an oar: Propulsion and signaling roles of the typanosome cilium
  University of California, Los Angeles  
  Host: Daniel Goldberg  
April 18  

Eric Pamer

  Innate immune and microbiota-mediated defense against intestinal infection
  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center  
  Host: Phillip Tarr  
April 25  

Dr. Phillip Tarr

  Dysbiosis preceding human disease: necrotizing enterocolitis as paradigm
  Washington University School of Medicine  
  Host: David Wang  
May 2


  Drosophila microbiome influences fly behavior
  Yale University  
  Student Host: Lisa Drewry  
May 9  

Craig Cameron

  Next-Gen Virology: Use of microfluidics and live-cell imaging to study viral replication at the single-cell level
  Pennsylvania State University  
  Host: Stephen Beverley  

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Department of Molecular Microbiology, Box 8230
Washington University School of Medicine
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