George B. Kyei, MBChB, PhD

Assistant Professor, Departments of Medicine and Molecular Microbiology

George Kyei is physician scientist whose research is centered on finding a cure for HIV. He is the principal investigator of the HIV Cure Research Infrastructure Study (H-CRIS), based at the University of Ghana, which seeks to train African scientists in HIV cure research. He operates laboratories at Washington University and the University of Ghana, shares his time between the two institutions and serves as the director of research at the University of Ghana Medical Center.

Dr. Kyei specializes in HIV basic and translational research, with a special focus on viral latency and reactivation specifically:  (i) characterization of factors that control HIV replication in macrophages, dendritic and resting T cells and (ii) identification of cellular factors and small molecules required for HIV reactivation in latently infected cell and (iii) perspectives of HIV patients on HIV cure. He is currently mentoring four postdocs and four graduate students. He has hosted students/residents from the USA, including Washington University at the University of Ghana for research and clinical rotations.