Microbiology Seminar Series

Spring 2022

Nathan ShererUniversity of WisconsinSingle-cell dynamics of HIV-1 gene expression and virion productionSebla Kutluay
Stephen LoryHarvard Regulation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence and antibiotic resistance by small non-coding RNAsPhil Tarr and Sean Whelan
25 JanKartik ChandranAlbert Einstein College of MedicineDissecting and Disabling the Spike Proteins of Enveloped VirusesSean Whelan
1 FebCynthia SearsJohns HopkinsUnraveling the mechanisms of biofilms in CRCAndy Kau
8 FebKarine GibbsUC BerkeleyMicro-crowdsourcing: how swarming bacteria integrate signals to build communitiesForrest Walker
Elina ZunigaUC San DiegoInduction and Exhaustion of Interferons After Viral InfectionShabaana Khader
Ben GarciaWashUMass spectrometry based proteomics for understanding viral infections 
Sebastian WinterUT SouthwesternCanceledMario Feldman
Mario FeldmanWashUDissecting the virulence strategies of Acinetobacter baumannii  
Joe DeRisiUCSF/BiohubPandemic Stories at the intersection of Basic Science and Public HealthDavid Wang
Michael BachmanUniversity of MichiganKlebsiella Pathogenesis: Colonization, Infection, and the Accessory GenomeDavid Rosen
John D. MacMicking Yale University School of MedicineBiological Systems of Cell Defense: New Nanomachines for Immunity to InfectionSiyuan Ding
Maziar DivangahiMcGill UniversityThe nuts and bolts of macrophages in pulmonary infectious diseasesShabaana Khader
Rita TamayoU of NC Chapel HillMechanisms and functions of phenotypic heterogeneity in Clostridioides difficileMario Feldman
Beatriz FontouraUT SouthwesternViral-Host Interactions with Intranuclear PathwaysJacco Boon
Peggy CotterUNCBordetella filamentous hemagglutinin: a phagocyte-specific toxin delivery system?Vogel
Robert CramerDartmouthAspergillus fumigatus biofilm mediated disease progression and drug resistanceTamara Doering
Bree AldridgeTuftsCanceledChristina Stallings
Christina StallingsWashUInflammation as a Driver of Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis 

Fall 2021

Sep 28Kit PoglianoUCSDHow to build an endospore and accelerate antibiotic drug discoveryScott Hultgren
Oct 05Nancy KellerUniversity of WisconsinAspergillus fumigatus exometabolites mediating Multi-Kingdom interactions at the microbe and host interfaceJeff Henderson & Mary Dinauer
Oct 12Harris WangColumbia UniversityMapping & Modifying the Gut Microbiome in New DimensionsTae Seok Moon
Oct 19Haina ShinWashington University in St. LouisInnate immune control of disease outcomes during mucosal viral infectionSebla Kutluay & Tamara Doering
Oct 26Benhur LeeIcahn School of medicine at Mount SinaiInterferon-silent Sendai virus mediated CRISPR-Cas9 editing in human cellsCarolina Lopez
Nov 02Jeff DvorinHarvard University, Boston Children’sOne ring to rule them all — discovering novel cell biology in malaria parasiteDan Goldberg
Nov 09Ferric FangUniversity of WashingtonPathogenesis of Enteric FeverMary Dinauer & Jeff Henderson
Nov 16Alexander PlossPrinceton UniversityLooking under the hood of a killer virus: new insights into the molecular biology of hepatitis B virusLiang Shan
Nov 23Margaret A. ScullUniversity of MarylandAt the Interface: Influenza Virus – Mucin Interactions in the AirwayGaya Amarasinghe
Nov 30David RosenWashington University in St. LouisKlebsiella pneumoniae:  Formidable Foe Necessitating a Multipronged Approach
Dec 07Rob KnightUC San DiegoScaling microbiome analyses to millions of samplesOlivia Gorushi, Student

Spring 2021

Jan 12Nir DraymanThe University of ChicagoSingle Cell Virology (and drug repurposing efforts against SARS-CoV-2)Carolina Lopez
Jan 19Mary EstesBaylor College of MedicineTranslating Stem Cell Biology to Understand Human Gastrointestinal InfectionsSiyuan Ding
Jan 26Anna KuchinaUniversity of WashingtonExploring microbial phenotypic diversity with single-cell RNA sequencingChristina Stallings
Feb 02Jacob YountOhio State UniversityBeneficial and detrimental effects of type I interferons in virus infectionsCarolina Lopez
Feb 09Kevin ForsbergFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterThe Hidden World of CRISPR-Cas InhibitorsMichael Caparon
Feb 16Thierry DiaganaNovartisDiscovery and advancement of new drugs for malaria and neglected tropical diseasesDavid Sibley
Feb 23Filipa Rijo-FerreiraUT SouthwesternCircadian rhythms in parasitic diseases: an underlying clock of malaria parasitesDavid Sibley
Mar 02Natacha RuizOhio State UniversityPriority shipping: sending building blocks to the outer membraneMichael Caparon
Mar 09Eleftherios “Lefteris” MichailidisThe Rockefeller UniversityModeling chronic hepatitis B infections in hepatocyte systemsCarolina Lopez
Mar 16Boyuan WangMITRegulation of Metabolism and Viability of Bacteria by the Nucleotides (p)ppGpp and (p)ppAppChristina Stallings
Mar 23Matthew ChapmanUniversity of MichiganPolymerizing the Fiber Between Functional Amyloids and Pathogenic Neurodegenerative DiseaseScott Hultgren
Mar 30Jason McClellanSean Whelan
Apr 06Philip KranzuschHarvard Medical SchoolcGAS-like enzymes in immunity and host-microbe signalingSean Whelan
Apr 13James CollinsUT SouthwesternSex, drugs, and worms: developing a better understanding of schistosome biology to advance new therapiesChristina Stallings
Apr 20Tobi Spielmann Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, HamburgInfluence of nutrient access on drug action and resistance in malaria parasites Dan Goldberg
Apr 27Clare SmithDuke UniversityA host-pathogen genetic map of tuberculosis susceptibilityShabaana Khader
May 04John WhitneyMcMaster UniversityMolecular Basis for Chaperone Assisted Loading of Antibacterial Toxins onto a Bacterial NanomachineMario Feldman

Fall 2020

Sept 22Nicolas ManelInstitute CurieActivation of innate immune sensors by viruses and selfSebla Kutluay
Sept 29 Terry DermodyUniversity of PittsburghA protein-folding network required for reovirus capsid assemblyMegan Baldridge
Oct 06Anita SilUniversity of California, San FranciscoControl of virulence and cell shape by temperature in Histoplasma capsulatumTamara Doering
Oct 13Bill PowderlyWashington UniversitySARS CoV infection – learning from epidemiologyDavid Wang
Oct 20Carey-Ann BurnhamWashington University2020: A diagnostic testing odysseyTamara Doering
Oct 27Mike DiamondWashington UniversityDeveloping countermeasures to emerging RNA viruses: Stopping viruses at the point of attackJoseph Vogel
Nov 03Rachel Presti & Jane O’HalloranWashington UniversityUpdate on clinical research on COVID-19David Wang
Nov 10Siyuan DingWashington UniversitySARS-CoV-2 in the gut: a fluid and crappy situationJoseph Vogel
Nov 17Ali EllebedyWashington UniversityB cell and antibody responses to respiratory viral infectionsTamara Doering
Dec 01Kim DavisJohns HopkinsKeeping the stress to a minimum: cooperation between subpopulations of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis during infectionJoseph Vogel

Spring 2020

14-JanFloyd WormleyUniversity of Texas, San AntonioInduction of Protective Immunity Against Pulmonary CryptococcosisLiza Miller, Student
21-JanJames CassatVanderbiltBone appetit: Host-pathogen interactions during osteomyelitisJulie Wardenburg
28-JanBeth McCormickUniversity of MassachusettsThe ABC’s of Microbial Regulation of Lipid Immuno-modulators in Interested Health and DiseasePhil Tarr
4-FebSarah StanleyUniversity of California, BerkeleyMetabolic regulation of M. tuberculosis infectionStallings & J Philips
11-FebKeith GullOxford University, UKWhat has the Genome ever done for us? Understanding Kinetoplastid parasite structure, function and pathogenicitySteve Beverley
18-FebFelipe CavaUmea UniversityD-amino acids shape the environmental microbial diversityMario Feldman
25-FebChristina CuomoBroad InstituteGenomic epidemiology and evolution of Candida auris, a multidrug-resistant emerging fungal pathogenTamara Doering
3-MarDavid TobinDukeCanceledChristina Stallings
10-MarJohn BoothroydStanford Medical SchoolCanceledSteve Beverley
17-MarPeggy CotterUniversity of North CarolinaCanceledJoe Vogel
24-MarFerric FangUniversity of WashingtonCanceledMary Dinauer
31-MarSean WhelanWashington UniversityMinus-Strand RNA Virus Polymerases – How Small Cofactors Regulate Large Multifunctional ProteinsTamara Doering
7-AprElina ZunigaUniversity of California, San DiegoCanceledShabaana Khader
14-AprBeatriz FontouraUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterCanceledJacco Boon
21-AprNancy KellerUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonCanceledJeff Henderson
28-AprRita TamayoUniversity of North CarolinaCanceledMario Feldman
5-MayJudy BermanTel Aviv UniversityCanceledTamara Doering

Fall 2019

Sept 24Juan MartinezLouisiana State UniversitySpotted Fever Group Rickettsia-host cell interactions: a tale of the Trojan Horse.Scott Hultgren
Oct 1Mario FeldmanWashington UniversitySelfish MDR plasmids take control of gene regulation and pathogenesis in Acinetobacter baumanniiShabaana Khader
Oct 8Juan AlfonzoOhio StateDynamic interplay between tRNA transport and processing: On the possibility of tunable modificationsDan Goldberg
Oct 15Dan PortnoyUniversity of California, BerkeleyHow intracellular pathogens sense the host cell and vice versa and the serendipitous discovery that Listeria monocytogenes is electrogenicJoe Vogel
Oct 22Rachel DuttonUniversity of California, San DiegoDissecting microbiomes using cheeseGreg Harrison, Student
Oct 29Igor AlmeidaUniversity of Texas, El Pasoalpha-Gal glycotopes as effective chemotherapy biomarkers and glycovaccines for Chagas disease and leishmaniasis Steve Beverley
Nov 05Sam BeharUniversity of MassachusettsRecognizing the Problem: T cell recognition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infected macrophages Shabaana Khader
Nov 12Barbara RehermannNational Institutes of HealthNatural versus laboratory world: Wild mouse microbiota improve host fitness and preclinical models Dave Wang
Nov 19Adam BurgenerUniversity of ManitobaThe microbiome in mucosal immunity and HIV Transmission Amanda Lewis
Nov 26Victoria D’SouzaHarvardStructures of the HIV genome: Insights into regulation of reverse transcription, transcription and translationJacco Boon
Dec 03David UnderhillCedars-Sinai Medical CenterA Role for Commensal Fungi in Inflammatory Bowel Disease?Jenny Lodge
Dec 10Florian KrammerMount Sinai School of MedicineAntibody responses to conserved epitopes on the influenza virus glycoproteinsAli Ellebedy

Spring 2019

Jan 29Julie OverbaughFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterThe potential of international collaborations for HIV prevention: Studies of mother-infant transmissionMichael Diamond
Feb 05Carla SalehPasteur InstituteSmall RNAs and antiviral defense in insectsDavid Wang
Feb 12Andrew GewirtzGeorgia State UniversityGut microbiota, diet, chronic inflammation, and metabolic syndromePhil Tarr
Feb 19Peter GreenbergUniversity of WashingtonCommunication, Cooperation and Conflict in the Microbial World: Targets for Therapeutic Development?Omar Delannoy-Bruno, Student
Feb 26Galit AlterRagon Institute of MGH, MIT, and HarvardThe role of antibodies in TB infectionChristina Stallings
Mar 05Samuel BeharUniversity of MassachusettsCanceledShabaana Khader
Mar 12Deborah LenschowWashington UniversityChikungunya virus arthritis: New ingiths into pathogenesis and treatmentDavid Wang
Mar 19Alan AderemCenter for Infectious Disease ResearchCanceledJen Philips & Scott Hultgren
Mar 26Scott Gray-OwenUniversity of TorontoPlaying with fire: The fine line between immunity and immunopathogenesisJim Fleckenstein
Apr 02Darren HigginsHarvard Medical SchoolFrom gastroenteritis to meningoencephalitis: How Listeria monocytogenescrosses the blood-brain barrier to infect the brainMario Feldman & Shabaana Khader
Apr 09Amariliz RiveraRutgers- New Jersey Medical SchoolType III interferon is a critical regulator of innate antifungal immunityChristina Stallings
Apr 16Wei-Shau HuNational Institutes of HealthHow does HIV-1 transfer its genetic information to progeny?Sebla Kutluay
Apr 23Igor BrodskyUniversity of PennsylvaniaApoptotic and non-apoptotic functions of cell death pathways in anti-microbial host defenseChristina Stallings
Apr 30Jörn CoersDuke UniversityInterferon-inducible GTPases in host defense and inflammationJen Philips
May 07Lori BurrowsMcMaster UniversityOld drugs, new tricks – using bacterial biofilms to reveal cryptic antibiotic activityMario Feldman

Fall 2018

Sept 18Jo HandelsmanUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonDrosophila microbiome influences fly behaviorLisa Drewy
Sept 25Margaret A. PhillipsUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterMetabolic enzymes as drug targets in parasitic protozoaDaniel Goldberg
Oct 02Emmie De WitRocky Mountain Lab National Institutes of Health/NIAIDPathogenesis of Nipah virus and other emerging respiratory virusesJacco Boon
Oct 09Hiten MadhaniUniversity of California, San FranciscoEpigenetic memory over geological timescalesTamara Doering
Oct 16Miriam BraunsteinUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillA novel protein export chaperone for a set of Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence effectorsJoseph Vogel
Oct 23Andy FireStanford UniversityOpportunistic RNAs and acquisitive genomesDavid Wang
Oct 30Alejandro AballayOregon Health Center UniversityNeural control of response against bacterial infections and immune homeostasisMario Feldman
Nov 06Roy Curtiss IIIUniversity of FloridaProtective immunity enhanced Salmonella vaccine vector platformsMichael Caparon
Nov 13Julie Bubeck-WardenburgWashington UniversityBacterial Toxins – Architects of long term health outcomes in the host?Joseph Vogel
Nov 20Michaela GackUniversity of ChicagoIntracellular RNA- and TRIM protein-mediated antiviral defense mechanismsSebla Kutluay
Nov 27Noam CohenUniversity of PennsylvaniaThe role of taste receptors in upper respiratory innate immunityAndrew Kau
Dec 04Renee TsolisUniversity of California, DavisER stress: a pattern of pathogenesis during infection with intracellular bacteriaJoseph Vogel

Spring 2018

Jan 23Nels EldeUniversity of UtahEvolutionary innovations from biological collisionsDavid Wang
Jan 30Michael ShilohUniversity of Texas SouthwesternClose encounters of the microbial kind: How Mycobacterium tuberculosis traverses the mucosal barrier Christina Stallings
Feb 06Edward MiaoUniversity of North CarolinaNK cells and CTLs clear intracellular bacteria via caspase-7Brian Edelson
Feb 13Lakshmi RajagopolUniversity of WashingtonUnderstanding group B Streptococcus infections Amanda Lewis
Feb 20Margaret PhillipsUniversity of Texas Southwestern Canceled Dan Goldberg
Feb 27Christina StallingsWashington UniversitySurviving Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection from the perspective of the pathogen and the host Steve Beverley
Mar 06Christine Jacobs-WagnerYale UniversityWhat makes the Lyme disease bacterium tick?Scott Hultgren
Mar 13Victor TorresNew York UniversityStaphylococcus aureus leukocidins: from receptor identification to unraveling their role in pathogenesis Caparon & Vogel
Mar 20Sergio GrinsteinUniversity of TorontoSignaling phagocytosis: role of receptors, integrins and the cytoskeletonJennifer Philips
Mar 27Eran ElivanWeizmann Institute of ScienceHost microbiome interactions in health and diseaseAndrew Kau
Apr 03Steve HiggsKansas State UniversityVirus-vector-vertebrate interactionsGary Weil
Apr 10Sunny ShinUniversity of PennsylvaniaInnate immune defense against intracellular bacterial pathogensJoe Vogel
Apr 17No Seminar
Apr 24Xiaorong LinUniversity of GeorgiaMorphogenesis, sexual reproduction and cryptococcosisTamara Doering
May 01Paul D. BieniaszRockefeller UniversityIntrinsic host defense against retrovirusesSebla Kutluay
May 08Amanda LewisWashington UniversityA single member of the vaginal microbiota drives colonization and disease by diverse urogenital pathogensScott Hultgren

Fall 2017

Sept 19Robert AbramovitchMichigan State UniversitySmall molecules that inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis environmental sensing and virulenceChristina Stallings
Sept 26Jacco BoonWashington UniversityRNA structures and packaging of Influenza virus genomeSebla Kutluay
Oct 03Chris WhitfieldUniversity of GuelphAssembly of microbial glycolipidsMario Feldman
Oct 10Joe SmithCenter for Infectious Disease ResearchDissecting cerebral malaria pathogenesisDan Goldberg
Oct 17Joshua BlodgettWashington UniversityDrugs from bugs: Harnessing actinomycete secondary metabolism to address therapeutic needsJoe Vogel
Oct 24Shabaana KhaderWashington UniversityHost immunity to tuberculosis: A balancing actDave Wang
Oct 31Jonathan MinerWashington UniversityIs Zika virus unique? Defining the capacity of multiple arboviruses to cause congenital diseaseDave Wang
Nov 07Stuart LevitzUniversity of MassachusettsVaccine development against Cryptococcus: The baker delivers the antigensJennifer Lodge & Tamara Doering
Nov 14Galit AlterRagon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard Canceled Christina Stallings
Nov 21Ana Fernandez SesmaMount SinaiImmune evasion mechanisms by dengue virusMike Diamond
Nov 28Joanne EngelUniversity of California, San FranciscoObligate intracellular pathogens are master cell biologists: Decoding the Chlamydia inclusion membrane interactomeJoe Vogel
Dec 05Robert DaveyTexas BiomedicalMacropinocytosis seen through the eyes of Ebola virusGay Amarasinghe
Dec 12Shelley PayneUniversity of TexasRole of cardiolipin in the intracellular lifestyle of Shigella flexneriPhil Tarr