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Whether you’ve lived in St. Louis for years or just moved here, you won’t want to miss these iconic St. Louis spots! Join us, your fellow Micro students and postdocs, as we explore St. Louis.

We meet each Saturday at 11:00am, at the Farmstead Café, and either carpool or take the metro together.

New to public transit? Don’t sweat it! We will learn to use our Metro passes and about important stops together. Don’t forget to request your FREE metro pass here

Farmstead Café is located on the first floor of the McDonnell Pediatric Research Building (MPRB) at 4905 Children’s Pl St. Louis, MO 63110.

We will work hard to ensure this website is up to date, however make sure to connect with the student host if you have any questions.

Have a spot for us to add to our list? Want to be a student host? Direct all questions and comments to Lauren Stevens at