Providing a rich, collaborative environment engaged in advancing the field of microbial biology

Our department focuses on emerging and neglected diseases and the study of microbial-host interactions with the goal of improving human health.

“Microbiology remains a key discipline of modern biomedical science. Apart from causing infectious diseases, microbes and microbial communities play critical roles in human health and evolution. The domestication of microbes for medical and scientific purposes promises to have a profound impact on health and medicine. These topics are well-represented throughout the Washington University community, and I view the Department of Molecular Microbiology as providing a central home for the broader Washington University microbiology community”

Sean Whelan, PhD
Marvin A. Brennecke Distinguished Professor
Department Head

Meet our faculty

Stephen Beverley, PhD
Beverley Lab Website
Michael Caparon, PhD
Caparon Lab Website
Siyuan Ding, PhD
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Tamara L. Doering, MD, PhD Doering Lab Website
Mario F. Feldman, PhD
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Henry Huang, PhD
Scott Hultgren, PhD
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Shabaana Khader, PhD
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Sebla Kutluay, PhD
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Jennifer K. Lodge, PhD
Carolina B. Lopez, PhD
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L. David Sibley, PhD
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Christina Stallings, PhD
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Joseph Vogel, PhD
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Dave Wang, PhD
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