We would like to extend an enthusiastic welcome to the Department of Molecular Microbiology website here at the Washington University School of Medicine.

Our students, postdoctoral fellows, staff, and faculty comprise an outstanding group of scientific researchers, pushing the envelope on addressing some of the most important, exciting and relevant questions in every area of modern microbiology. As you read the materials found here, you will learn that this program represents one of the premier Microbiology graduate and research programs in the United States, and as such is very special.

The Department is located in the McDonnell Pediatric Research Building, at the heart of the Medical School campus. This state of the art facility houses not just the Molecular Microbiology Department but also many members of the Microbial Pathogenesis program within the Infectious Disease Divisions of the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics. This setting provides an interactive and exciting interface where advances in basic microbial sciences can be rapidly translated into clinical practice, and conversely, where clinical problems in infectious diseases can rapidly be attacked by basic science researchers.

In 2009 a new Center for Women’s Infectious Disease Research (cWIDR) was formed, headed by Scott Hultgren, PhD, and is housed in the newly constructed BJC Institute of Health at Washington University.

Our goal is to bring together outstanding students and faculty in an exciting and nurturing environment in which you can learn the most sophisticated scientific molecular approaches, hear about the most recent scientific advances, and be challenged by the opportunity to develop exciting new projects at the cutting-edge of modern research.

The intellectual climate at Washington University is highly rigorous, but also accompanied by warmly collegial and collaborative environment that facilitates learning and research.

Best regards,
Shabaana Khader, PhD
Professor and Interim Head of Molecular Microbiology