Business Office

McDonnell Pediatric Research Building
Suite 9101
Fax#: 314/362-1232

Christopher Laiben

Pre-Clinical Business Director

Sharon Janoski

Business Manager

Maria Guzman

Senior Research Administrator (supports Dr. Wang)

Dyanna Vitale

Research Administrator (supports Drs Feldman, Khader, LeRoux, Sibley)

Lesa Sutherland

Senior Grant Specialist (supports Drs Caparon, Hultgren, Kutluay, Stallings, Vogel)

Christy Stewart

Senior Grant Specialist (supports Drs Beverley, Ding, Doering, Lopez, Whelan)

Sara Hummel

Manager, HR, Payroll/Visa Services

Amanda Marling

Payroll/Visa Services

Angie Topal

Manager Financial Operations

Laura Schollmeyer

Purchasing Supervisor

Lauren Stevens

Media, Community Engagement, and Educational Programs Project Manager

Misty Veschak

Special Projects Administrator

Chairman’s office

McDonnell Pediatric Research Building
Suite 9240
Fax#: 314/747-2634

Michelle Gibbs

Assistant to the Chair

Mail & package delivery

Ethan Gerson

Supervisor, Mail/Package Delivery

Media kitchen & glassware facility

McDonnell Pediatric Research Building
Suite 9302

Matthew Williams

Supervisor; Glasswash, Media Facility, Departmental Spaces

Marcia Cole

Lab Assistant II / Glasswasher

Marilyn Edwards

Lab Assistant II / Glasswasher

Network operations

Keith Vaughan

Operations & Systems Analyst III


McDonnell Pediatric Research Building
Room 11009

Lance Bottini

Facilities Administrator