Faces of Molecular Microbiology

We are a diverse group of students, fellows, and faculty supported by an exceptional network of staff that together constitutes a welcoming and vibrant community.

Dr. Sean Whelan
Colorful graphic with WashU Med logo that states: We welcome all races and ethnicities; all religions; all countries of origin; all sexual orientations; all genders; all ages and abilities

The mission of the Department of Molecular Microbiology is to provide an outstanding scientific environment for scientists interested in all aspects involving the roles of microbes in biology.

We are particularly interested in questions in microbial pathogenesis, the study of how microbes interact with their hosts in ways that both cause or avoid disease, and how this knowledge can be used to improve human health and control infectious diseases.

The collaborative and collegial nature of Microbiology is well suited for the similarly-minded research environment of Washington University, and we strive to bring cutting-edge methods from all disciplines and medical sciences across the University to bear on these questions.

As a department, we take great pride in the training of the next generation of scientists, including students and postdoctoral fellows, and mentoring the careers of faculty as they emerge as scientific leaders.

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