Respiratory syncytial virus co-infections might conspire to worsen disease (Links to an external site)

Emerging evidence suggests that pathogens can pair up to work together against immune system defences. Virologists are beginning to ask questions about which pathogens tend to infect cells at the same time, and whether these affect clinical outcomes. “What co-infections are more common or more impactful in the clinic?” says López. Clinical samples give infectious-disease […]

Taylor Nye, a postdoctoral research scholar in the Hultgren Laboratory at Washington University in St. Louis, has been selected for the shortlist in Nature’s competition for Inspiring Women in Science. (Links to an external site)

The Inspiring Women in Science awards celebrate and support the achievements of women in science, and all those who work to encourage girls and young women to engage with STEM subjects and stay in STEM careers around the world.

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