The Department of Molecular Microbiology established the Ernie Simms lecture in recognition of Simms’ spirit of scientific excellence and commitment to training the next generation. The lecture will be held every year in honor of Ernie Simms.

2024 Speaker

Dr. Jonathan Abraham

From: Harvard Medical School

Topic: Alphavirus interactions with cellular receptors

Date: Feb. 20th Time: 12:00noon Location: MPRB 8101

Hosted by: Sean Whelan

2023 Speaker

Dr. M. Kariuki Njenga

From: ESU Global Health- Kenya Washington State University

Presentation title: TBD

Date: April 4th Time: 12:00noon Location: MPRB 8101

Hosted by: Sean Whelan

2022 Speaker

Dr. Elina Zuniga

From: UC San Diego

Presentation title: Induction and Exhaustion of Interferons After Viral Infection

Date: Feb. 15th  Time: 12:00noon Location: MPRB 8101

Hosted by: Shabaana Khader

2021 Speaker Canceled due to COVID-19

2020 Speaker Canceled due to COVID-19

2019 Speaker

Dr. Darren Higgins

From: Harvard University

Presentation title: From gastroenteritis to meningoencephalitis: How Listeria monocytogenes crosses the blood-brain barrier to infect the brain

Date: April 2nd Time: 12:00noon Location: Erlanger Auditorium

Hosted by: Mario Feldman

2017 Speaker

Dr. Craig E. Cameron

From: Pennsylvania State University

Presentation title: Next-Gen Virology: Use of microfluidics and live-cell imaging to student viral replication at the single-cell level

Date: May 9th Time: 12:00noon Location: Cori Auditorium

2016 Speaker

Dr. Mario Feldman

From: Washington University in St. Louis

Presentation title: Sugar and spice make OMV nice: Bacterial outer membrane vesicles biogenesis and glycoengineering

Date: Feb. 23rd  Time: 12:00noon Location: Cori Auditorium

Hosted by: Stephen Beverley

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