The Microbiology seminar series is held weekly during the academic year. Speakers present current research on pathogenic bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, or viruses, covering topics that include fundamental biological discovery, mechanisms of virulence, host: pathogen interactions, and host immunity to pathogens.

The seminar is held on Tuesdays from 12:00-1:00pm in MPRB 8101.

2023-2024 Schedule:

Sept 19

Dr. Meng Wu

Washington University in St. Louis

Topic: Tripartite interactions among the microbiota, stromal cells and the immune system

Host: TBD

Sept 26

Dr. Leo Poon

University of Hong Kong

Topic: SARS-CoV-2: Translating science to public health impacts

Host: Dave Wang

Oct 3

Dr. Michael Vahey

Washington University in St. Louis

Topic: Biophysical mechanisms of viral spread and antiviral immunity

Host: Jacco Boon

Oct 10

Dr. Owen Pornillos

University of Utah

Topic: A molecular switch controls assembly and post-assembly functions of the HIV-1 capsid

Host: Sebla Kutluay

Oct 17

Dr. Anne Moscona

Columbia University

Topic: Activities of a paramyxovirus fusion complex on the viral surface

Host: Dan Goldberg and Sean Whelan

Oct 24

Dr. Matt Waldor

Harvard University

Topic: Interorgan communication in host defense

Host: Mario Feldman

Oct 31

Dr. Linfa Wang

Duke-NUS Medical School

Topic: Bats, viruses and pandemics

Host: Avan Antia (Ding Lab)

Nov 7 Canceled

Nov 14

Dr. Jason W. Rosch

St. Jude Research

Topic: Modeling Antibiotic Resistance and Transmission at the Host-Pathogen Interface

Host: Mike Caparon

Nov 21

Dr. Victor Tse

Saint Louis University

Topic: Crafting a DENV Vaccine through Viral Engineering and Directed Evolution

Host: Postdoc TBD (Whelan Lab)

Nov 28

Dr. Ryan A. Langlois

University of Minnesota

Topic: Uncovering the rules for cross-species virus transmission

Host: Carolina Lopez

Dec 5

Dr. Michail Lionakis

National Institutes of Health

Topic: Novel insights into antifungal immunity: From the bench to the bedside

Host: Tamara Doering & Jen Philips

Jan 9

Dr. Michaela Gack

Cleveland Clinic Florida Research & Innovation Center

Topic: TBD

Host: Siyuan Ding

Jan 16

Dr. Boris Striepen

University of Pennsylvania

Topic: TBD

Host: David Sibley

Jan 23

Dr. David Fidock

Columbia University

Topic: TBD

Host: Dan Goldberg

Jan 30

Dr. Elizabeth Egan


Topic: TBD

Host: Dan Goldberg

Feb 6

Dr. Chris Sassetti

UMass Chan Medical School

Topic: How do host and pathogen genetic variation influence Tuberculosis

Host: Jen Philips

Feb 13

Dr. Sun Hur

Harvard University Children’s Hospital Boston

Topic: TBD

Host: Sebla Kutluay & Siyuan Ding

*Ernie Simms Lecture*

Feb 20

Dr. Jonathan Abraham

Harvard University

Topic: TBD

Host: Sean Whelan

Feb 27

Dr. Kerwyn C Huang


Topic: Affinity maturation of CRISPR-edited B cells in vivo

Host: Mario Feldman

Mar 5

Dr. Deb Hogan


Topic: TBD

Host: Tamara Doering

Mar 12

Dr. Heran Darwin

New York University

Topic: The Aldehyde Hypothesis

Host: Scott Hultgren

Mar 19

Dr. Michael Fischbach


Topic: TBD

Host: Henry Schreiber (Hultgren Lab)

Mar 26

Dr. Christian Harding


Topic: TBD

Host: Mario Feldman

Apr 2

Dr. Sloan Siegrist

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Topic: Permeability of, or host interactions with, the Mtb cell envelope

Host: Christina Stallings

Apr 9

Dr. Sebastian Lourido

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Topic: TBD

Host: David Sibley

Apr 16

Dr. Deepshika Ramanan

Salk Institute

Topic: TBD

Host: Meng Wu

Apr 23

Dr. Thomas Bernhardt

Harvard University

Topic: Regulation of bacterial cell surface assembly

Host: Michele LeRoux

Apr 30

Dr. Mojan Naghavi

Northwestern University

Topic: TBD

Host: Sebla Kutluay

May 7

Dr. Vaughn Cooper

University of Pittsburgh

Topic: How biofilm and immunodeficiency influence the evolution of antimicrobial resistance

Host: Michele LeRoux

Please note! The Microbiology Seminar Series was formerly referred to as the MMMP Seminar Series. This is the same seminar.

Please check back regularly as details may change. This website will always have the most up to date information. For questions or updates please contact