The Microbiology seminar series is held weekly during the academic year. Speakers present current research on pathogenic bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, or viruses, covering topics that include fundamental biological discovery, mechanisms of virulence, host: pathogen interactions, and host immunity to pathogens.

The seminar is held on Tuesdays from 12:00-1:00pm in MPRB 8101.

Spring 2023 Schedule:


Dr. Malcolm Winkler

Indiana University

Topic: Regulation of Peptidoglycan Synthesis at the Pathway and Protein Dynamics Levels in the Ovoid-Shaped Pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae

Host: Scott Hultgren


Dr. Alexis Kaushansky

Seattle Children’s

Topic: TBD

Host: Daniel Goldberg


Dr. David Russell

Cornell University

Topic: TBD

Host: Christina Stallings & Jen Philips


Dr. Brenda Bass

University of Utah

Topic: TBD

Host: David Wang


Dr. Bree Aldridge

Tufts University

Topic: The long and the short of it: paths to engineering TB treatment

Host: Christina Stallings


Dr. John Bell

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Topic: TBD

Host: Luis Casorla, Postdoc Wang lab


Dr. Jan Carette

Stanford University

Topic: Genetic screens uncover the cell biology of viral infection

Host: Carolina Lopez


Dr. Andrew Goodman

Yale University

Topic: Mechanisms of host-microbiome interaction

Host: Mario Feldman

7-Mar *No seminar


Dr. Viviana Simon

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Topic: COVID-19

Host: Ali Ellebedy

21-Mar *No seminar


Dr. Nihal Altan-Bonnet

National Institutes of Health

Topic: What viruses do to infect you

Host: Marjorie Cornejo-Pontelli, Postdoc Whelan Lab

4-Apr *Ernie Simms Lecture*

Dr. M. Kariuki Njenga

ESU Global Health- Kenya Washington State University

Topic: Defining public health threats posed by emerging infectious diseases in East and Central Africa

Host: Sean Whelan


Dr. Ansel Hsiao

University of California, Riverside

Topic: Personalized Human Gut Microbiota Modulation of Vibrio cholerae Virulence

Host: Andrew Kau


Dr. Michael Emerman

Fred Hutch, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and UW Medicine

Topic: The origins of HIV-1 through the lens of host-virus interactions

Host: Sebla Kutluay


Dr. Judith Berman

Tel Aviv University

Topic: Genetic and physiological routes to antifungal drug tolerance

Host: Tamara Doering


Dr. Joanne Flynn

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Topic: Unraveling protection against tuberculosis

Host: Christina Stallings & Jen Philips


Dr. Bryan Bryson

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Topic: Host pathogen interactions in tuberculosis

Host: Christina Stallings


Dr. Wendy Barclay

Imperial College London

Topic: TBD

Host: Siyuan Ding


Dr. Michael Farzan

Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Topic: Affinity maturation of CRISPR-edited B cells in vivo

Host: Liang Shan

Please note! The Microbiology Seminar Series was formerly referred to as the MMMP Seminar Series. This is the same seminar.

Please check back regularly as details may change. This website will always have the most up to date information. For questions or updates please contact